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Fit the forum to the fuss

The ODR.com platform can be completely customized to meet the needs of your users, leveraging powerful resolution tools backed by world-class case management and reporting.


Identify case types and route problems toward solutions


Enable users to resolve problems through direct communication


Get help from impartial experts in achieving resolution


Build streamlined arbitration flows for quick and efficient decisions

Case Management

Scalable, tested tools for managing large case volumes


All ODR.com functionality is optimized for mobile devices

We are global leaders in online dispute resolution





We take your satisfaction personally

We aren’t satisfied until our clients are satisfied. That’s why our #1 source of new clients is recommendations from current clients.

  • Client Satisfaction 92% 92%
  • Platform Exceeded Expectations 86% 86%
  • Would Recommend to Others 96% 96%
  • Would Purchase Again 90% 90%


Choose the plan that fits your case volume

If you select one of our off-the-shelf preconfigured systems (e.g. mediation, arbitration, ombuds, or ecommerce)
you can be up and running in days at a flat rate subscription price.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Reach out to us – we’d love to learn more about your needs. 

How long does it take to launch an ODR.com system?

If you’re looking to use one of our preconfigured negotiation, mediation, or arbitration systems without integration, you can be live in a few weeks.

What kind of cases can be resolved with ODR?

ODR was originally created to resolve ecommerce disputes over goods and services, but now ODR is used to resolve many different kinds of issues, including family, workplace, debt, property, insurance, health, and civil cases.

Can you integrate with other platforms, and import legacy data?

The ODR.com platform comes with a fully documented API, which facilitates integration with other standards-compliant systems, as well as tools to smoothly import legacy data from legacy case management systems.

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What the experts say

Don’t take our word for it – read what our
clients and partners think about us.

I always check whether ODR platforms provide users with CEET (convenience, expertise, experience, and trust) and ODR.com scores highly on all of them. Colin and Chittu are ODR pioneers, and as dispute volumes grow alongside the growth of the internet, ODR.com will lead in innovating solutions.


Professor Ethan Katsh, UMass-Amherst

Not many ODR system designers can say they have been working with technology and dispute resolution for a quarter of a century, but the team behind ODR.com can make that claim.  Their work has been and is currently on the cutting edge of development in ODR, and I believe there is no better source for a comprehensive ODR platform.


Daniel Rainey, Chair, IMI ODR Task Force

When I discovered the fascinating world of online dispute resolution in the  last century, Chittu and Colin were already experts in this challenging field. Because of their expertise, ODR.com is certain to be an example of innovation and common sense to help build peace in the digital age.

Alberto Elisavetsky, CEO, ODR Latinoamerica

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From early innovations two decades ago to today, ODR experts Colin Rule and Chittu Nagarajan’s impact has been worldwide and their collaborations continue to deliver ODR services at the cutting edge.

Prof. Leah Wing, Co-Director, NCTDR

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Over the last 25 years Colin and Chittu have acquired invaluable knowledge and experience in designing platforms for dispute resolution and ensuring they succeed. Colin and Chittu leveraged all of that experince in launching their new platform, ODR.com, which will further assist the world in resolving its disputes.

Mirèze Phillippe, Co-Founder, ArbitralWomen

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Colin and Chittu are the dream team of ODR! ODR.com is poised to lead the way in providing dispute settlement and resolutions on the internet.


Prof. Amy Schmitz, Ohio State University


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ODR.com CEO Colin Rule Receives ABA D’Alemberte-Raven Award

ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule has been announced as the 2023 recipient of the D’Alemberte/Raven Award from the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section. Colin will be recognized at the May 11th Award Ceremony at the 25th annual ABA DR Spring Conference in Las...

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ODR.com Attends ODR2023.org Forum in Bangalore, India

ODR.com Attends ODR2023.org Forum in Bangalore, India

ODR.com presented at the 22nd International ODR Forum (ODR2023.org) held at the Bangalore International Centre on 17-18 March 2023. The ODR2023 was a 2-day gathering of 400+ innovators, changemakers and thought leaders across business, society and government who came...

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ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

  ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule recently offered the first ODR Masterclass through MediateUniversity.com. This five-week intensive course covered the basics of online dispute resolution (ODR). Students were provided a roadmap to kick start their ODR business,...

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ODR.com is part of the AAA® family of organizations that includes Mediate.com, ICDR.org, Arbitrate.com, and Ombuds.org. These sites support the work of tens of thousands of dispute resolvers around the world.



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