We are ODR experts

The ODR.com team has been at the forefront of the online dispute resolution field since its inception. Our leaders wrote one of the first books in the field (Online Dispute Resolution for Business, in 2001) and started some of the first ODR service providers (Online Resolution in 1999, and ODRIndia in 2003).

We have designed and built the largest ODR systems ever created, as well as introducing key concepts and systems designs that have inspired others to build their own ODR platforms around the world. Our expertise has developed over hundreds of projects spanning two decades of hands-on work.

A long track record of success

We know how to make ODR systems succeed. The ODR system we built for eBay and PayPal in 2006 continues to resolve more than 60 million disputes per year, which is more than the entire US civil court system. 90% of those 60 million disputes are resolved in software only, meaning no human has to touch the case other than the disputants, and 50% of the cases are resolved by mutual agreement. We spun our first company out of eBay in 2011 and built it into the largest ODR provider in the world before we sold it in 2017. 


Our mission is to resolve the world’s disputes

We are singularly focused on developing technology that advances the practice of dispute resolution. 
It has been our passion for two decades, and it will be our passion for the decades to come.

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Chittu Nagarajan


Geetha Narayanan


Clare Fowler



ODR pioneers from day one 

We have been leaders in the field of ODR since the very beginning. We were present at the conversations when the field was first named in the late 1990s. We presented at the inaugural Global ODR Forums in the early 2000s (and have attended every one since, as well as hosting them in India and Silicon Valley). We helped to create and grow the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR, at odr.info) and the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR, at icodr.org). But we still believe the ODR field is just getting started. Even as ODR has spread around the globe over the last twenty years we have remained confident the biggest breakthroughs are still yet to come.


ODR.com is a sibling site of Mediate.com, Arbitrate.com, and Ombuds.org. These sites, all managed by Resourceful Internet Solutions (RIS), support the work of tens of thousands of dispute resolvers around the world.



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