Helping your ODR system succeed

In addition to providing software, our team is ready to assist you in all the aspects of launching an ODR system: strategy, design, reporting, integration, and implementation. Our team of expert consultants work across industries and geographies, from small organizations to international frameworks. We bring years of expertise to every project we support, viewing challenges from a holistic perspective. Just think of us as another member of your team helping you achieve your objectives on time and on budget.


We can help ensure your ODR system is accessible, impartial, secure, and efficient

The ODR.com team assists in all stages of ODR design and deployment. We can conduct stakeholder interviews, draft product specifications, or even build sophisticated data dashboards that track your system’s performance along key performance indicators (KPIs). And we work on all kinds of ODR systems: both those that leverage our software as well as those built on other platforms.


We can assist with fundamental decisions around workflow, data collection, communications channels, and enforceability.


Our consultants can build data dashboards and dynamic graphs that track system performance and outcomes.


Our team can conduct audits and penetration tests to make sure your system is protected against unauthorized access.


ODR.com consultants can evaluate systems for compliance with international ODR standards like those at ICODR.org


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ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

  ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule recently offered the first ODR Masterclass through MediateUniversity.com. This five-week intensive course covered the basics of online dispute resolution (ODR). Students were provided a roadmap to kick start their ODR business,...

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ODR.com presents at APEC ODR Meeting in Tokyo

ODR.com presents at APEC ODR Meeting in Tokyo

ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule recently participated in an APEC Workshop on Enhancing Implementation of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) through the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework and other fora, held at the Japan International Dispute Resolution Center in Tokyo, Japan on...

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ODR.com Presents at CMBA Mediation Congress in Rio

ODR.com Presents at CMBA Mediation Congress in Rio

ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule delivered a keynote address at the fourth International Congress on Mediation at the CBMA office in Rio De Janiero, Brazil November 11-12, 2022. From the post-event announcement shared by CBMA: "O nosso IV Congresso Internacional de Mediação...

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