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About the Merger

We are very excited to announce that ODR.com and RIS have become part of the American Arbitration Association® (AAA®) family.

Our organizations share a passion for expanding and improving the practice of dispute resolution. The American Arbitration Association’s mission is to lead the world in providing innovative measures to prevent, mitigate and resolve disputes fairly and efficiently. ODR.com and RIS fit perfectly into this mission, with Mediate.com having pioneered the move of mediation onto the internet. We all share a passion for building trustworthy dispute resolution, and by working together, we will have a much more significant impact on expanding and evolving ADR than we could have had operating separately.

This merger is happening at the perfect time. The world is on the cusp of considerable advances in how people access justice, powered by innovations in ODR, artificial intelligence and global connectivity. Combining the online communities of Mediate.com and Arbitrate.com with the cutting-edge technology of ODR.com and supercharging it with AAA’s reach and reputation will ensure that we remain on the leading edge of innovation.

ODR.com and RIS will be separate, for-profit subsidiaries of the AAA, which is a non-profit organization. Colin will remain CEO, reporting directly to AAA President and CEO Bridget McCormack, ensuring close cooperation and rapid decision-making. The ODR.com and RIS teams will partner with the AAA staff on many initiatives, such as expanding the reach of the AAA’s mediation services. They will also maintain operational independence to pursue entirely new lines of business for the AAA, including court ODR, eCommerce, ombuds, family and more.

As you know, the AAA is the largest dispute resolution service provider in the world, and for almost 100 years, it has led the field of dispute resolution. Since AAA’s founding in 1926, it has administered more than eight million cases, and its dispute resolution clauses are included in more than a billion contracts per year. The American Arbitration Association has 29 offices across the United States and one in Singapore. Its international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), is a leader in cross-border arbitration and mediation.

Working together, we will build the next century of dispute resolution, helping people around the world find fast and fair resolutions while expanding justice through cutting-edge technology. We’re thrilled to be joining forces, and we can’t wait to get started. Our commitment to the mission and values of the AAA, ODR.com and RIS remains steadfast, and we are confident that this merger will only strengthen our collective efforts.

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Press Release

American Arbitration Association® Acquires World’s Leading Online Dispute Resolution Company, Transforming the Way Courts and Businesses Resolve Disputes

Partnership with ODR.com and Mediate.com promises faster and fairer resolutions

NEW YORK (May 30, 2024)—The American Arbitration Association (AAA®) and its international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (AAA-ICDR®), today announced the acquisition of ODR.com Inc. and its parent company, Resourceful Internet Solutions Inc. (RIS), which owns Mediate.com and several other websites. This move bolsters the AAA-ICDR’s mission to expand innovative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options to benefit businesses, communities and practitioners worldwide.

“The American Arbitration Association, soon to celebrate its 100th anniversary, was founded to relieve overburdened courts by giving businesses a proven and effective alternative to resolving disputes. As technology, especially AI, is raising the bar for both quality and speed, our customers trust us to be the leader in helping them leverage these advances to achieve resolution efficiently,” said AAA President and CEO Bridget McCormack.

The immediate focus of the alliance will be expanding AAA’s mediation services by developing a suite of online dispute resolution (ODR) products. “Demand for ODR is growing rapidly worldwide, and working with the AAA will keep us on the cutting edge,” said RIS CEO Colin Rule. “Our shared goal is to make ADR an accessible choice for everyone, and this alliance will enable us to achieve that goal at an unprecedented level.”

McCormack noted that ODR.com, as the leading technology company in mediation and arbitration, has the software and experience to build ODR systems at any scale. “The RIS team is led by pioneers in technology and dispute resolution,” she said. “They have designed and launched the largest and most successful ODR systems globally, including those at eBay and PayPal, which have resolved hundreds of millions of disputes.”

ODR.com will remain a separate for-profit software-as-a-service (SaaS) company dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and ethical artificial intelligence to the ADR community. “Together, we’re creating something greater than the sum of our parts. This alliance empowers us to dramatically expand our products and services to reach new and underserved markets globally,” McCormack said.

McCormack and Rule will record a live episode of the AAAi Podcast at the upcoming Future Lawyer USA conference on May 30 at the Boston office of Ropes & Gray, where they will discuss the AAA’s roadmap and the future of dispute resolution.

About ODR.com and Mediate.com (RIS)

ODR.com is the global leader in online dispute resolution. It serves courts, universities, businesses of all sizes and governmental agencies at all levels. ODR.com offers a proven, secure and scalable online dispute resolution platform, which is used by more than 200 dispute resolution partner organizations worldwide, including the International Monetary Fund, the International Committee of the Red Cross and NASA. Since its establishment in 1996, Mediate.com has been the world’s foremost mediation website, offering an extensive repository of dispute resolution resources. The site provides online mediation courses through MediateUniversity.com and hosts the most widely utilized directory of global mediators.

About the American Arbitration Association

The not-for-profit AAA is the leading provider of ADR services. It has administered more than seven million ADR cases since its founding in 1926. With 29 offices in the United States and Singapore, the AAA provides organizations of all sizes in virtually every industry with ADR services and products. For more information, visit www.adr.org.

About the International Centre for Dispute Resolution

The International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR®) is the international division of the AAA and the largest international provider of dispute resolution services. Established in 1996, the ICDR serves parties from over 100 countries with multilingual staff experienced in international dispute resolution proceedings and a roster of over 725 arbitrators and mediators. For more information, visit www.icdr.org.