We have built the largest ODR systems in the world

Here are a few example of the kind of systems we have designed, launched, and scaled up


eBay + PayPal

Our CEO, Colin, was hired as eBay’s first Director of Online Dispute Resolution in 2003.  Our Co-Founder, Chittu, was hired by PayPal soon after.  They collaborated on the creation of the eBay Resolution Center, and then on the PayPal Resolution Center (eBay owned PayPal at the time).  Then in 2010 they launched the eBay Community Court, which became the largest crowdsourced ODR platform.


Colin and Chittu spun out some of the ODR technology they created at eBay and PayPal to create Modria in 2011.  Modria grew to resolve millions of disputes in a wide variety of areas, including ecommerce, property tax appeals, family and divorce, insurance, home services, marketplaces, and payments.  Modria was sold to Tyler Technologies in 2017, and it has since become the #1 court ODR platform in the United States.

AAA NYNF Insurance

Modria built the technology that supports the New York No Fault Insurance dispute resolution program, which is the largest caseload managed by the American Arbitration Association. The NYNF program processes more than 300k disputes per year.  These cases involve medical insurance reimbursement disputes in the wake of motor vehicle accidents.  This platform has operated since 2013, resolving millions of cases through expedited arbitration.

New York Court Mediation Centers

The ODR.com team also built the case management functionality for the more than thirty court connected mediation centers in the New York Unified Court System.  Each center uses the Caseload Manager platform built by RIS to handle its caseloads and track every matter to resolution.  The statewide administrator for the program, located in Albany, can also review system-wide reporting that aggregates data from all of the centers into a single unified data set.

Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

Modria also built the software used by the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals to resolve all of the escalated property tax disputes arising from the 88 counties across the state.  The Modria platform enables online filing and decision drafting, as well as a searchable directory of all decisions rendered by the Board  (which are precedent setting).

International Monetary Fund

The ODR.com team built and deployed the case management functionality used by the Ombuds  office at the International Monetary Fund.  After being approved in the wake of an extensive security vetting process, the global Ombuds office leveraged the ODR.com platform to deliver confidential services to IMF employees around the world. ensuring issues were investigated and resolved securely and effectively.


ODR.com is a sibling site to Mediate.com, Arbitrate.com, and Ombuds.org. These sites, all managed by Resourceful Internet Solutions (RIS), support the work of tens of thousands of dispute resolvers around the world.



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