The most powerful ODR system ever built

The design of the ODR.com platform is informed by our years of experience designing and deploying online dispute resolution systems. We have leveraged our lessons learned and best practices in composing the ODR.com suite of tools, and we believe that is the most powerful and flexible online dispute resolution system ever created.

ODR platforms cannot offer only one component (e.g. video negotiation, blind bidding, or machine learning) if they are to be effective. They also cannot offer the same processes over and over again for diverse case types. Only a suite of tools, working together, can deliver the flexibility required to optimize resolutions.


ODR.com’s suite of tools empowers you to design the perfect flows for your needs

The ODR.com platform can be completely customized to each individual case type, leveraging powerful resolution tools backed by world-class case management and reporting.


All ODR.com functionality is optimized for mobile devices


Identify case types and route problems toward solutions


Get help overcoming impasse from resolution experts


Enable users to resolve problems through direct communication


Build streamlined arbitration flows for efficient decisions

Case Management

Scalable, tested tools for managing large case volumes


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ODR.com CEO Colin Rule Receives ABA D’Alemberte-Raven Award

ODR.com CEO Colin Rule Receives ABA D’Alemberte-Raven Award

ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule has been announced as the 2023 recipient of the D’Alemberte/Raven Award from the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section. Colin will be recognized at the May 11th Award Ceremony at the 25th annual ABA DR Spring Conference in Las...

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ODR.com Attends ODR2023.org Forum in Bangalore, India

ODR.com Attends ODR2023.org Forum in Bangalore, India

ODR.com presented at the 22nd International ODR Forum (ODR2023.org) held at the Bangalore International Centre on 17-18 March 2023. The ODR2023 was a 2-day gathering of 400+ innovators, changemakers and thought leaders across business, society and government who came...

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ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

ODR.com offers first ODR Masterclass Jan-Feb 2023

  ODR.com's CEO Colin Rule recently offered the first ODR Masterclass through MediateUniversity.com. This five-week intensive course covered the basics of online dispute resolution (ODR). Students were provided a roadmap to kick start their ODR business,...

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