ODR.com Ends Private Beta, Now Open to the Public
Indraneel Gunjal
May 5, 2022


From Mediate.com

Release Date: May 5, 2022

Mediate.com Announces the Public Launch of its New Online Dispute Resolution Platform, ODR.com

This new platform combines the functionality of CaseloadManager.com and CREKODR.com, creating the most powerful ODR system in the world 

EUGENE, OR, May 3, 2022—Mediate.com, the #1 dispute resolution website on the internet for more than 25 years, announced today that its new Online Dispute Resolution platform, ODR.com, is now available to the public. 

The new ODR.com platform combines the robust case management features of Mediate.com’s CaseloadManager.com (the leading case management system for dispute resolution organizations, refined over 12 years with 150+ customers) with the advanced ODR functionality of CREKODR.com (the dispute resolution workspace tool designed by Chittu Nagarajan, the leading ODR pioneer in India).

This unified platform for ODR, built from the ground up over the past two years, is now positioned to lead the expanding global market for online dispute resolution, estimated to reach $500m within the next five years.

The ODR.com platform offers four unified components: a configurable intake and problem diagnosis wizard, an enterprise-class case management system, online meetings with customizable dispute workflows, and real-time business intelligence and data dashboards.

This new system will make resolving disputes over the internet more efficient, more effective, and help to expand access to justice for users around the world.

“The public launch of ODR.com is a watershed event in the field of online dispute resolution,” said Colin Rule, CEO of Mediate.com. “We have built this new system from the ground up to be the most flexible, configurable, and secure platform for resolving online problems the world has ever seen. I am very proud of the work our teams have done over the last two years to bring this system to the public, and I am confident that our new system will raise the bar for state of the art online dispute resolution.”

The ODR.com platform was jointly designed and built by expert teams in the United States and India. It has undergone extensive security and penetration testing from outside auditors, and it has been designed from inception to comply with all professional standards issued by the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR.org).

The system supports multiple languages, is completely user configurable on the fly, and offers fully documented underlying APIs that make integration with other platforms and services seamless.

“Online Dispute Resolution is growing quickly, especially in response to the COVID pandemic, which moved many courts and customer service operations entirely online,” explained Jim Melamed, co-founder and former CEO of Mediate.com. “The ODR.com platform, an enterprise-class system built to scale to millions of cases, will help dispute resolution organizations respond to evolving user demands by providing resolutions around the clock and around the world.”

The ODR.com leadership team has been at the forefront of the online dispute resolution field since its inception in the late 1990s. ODR.com’s design is the end product of that team’s decades of experience building more than 200 online dispute resolution systems that have resolved more than 1 billion disputes worldwide.

As Professor Ethan Katsh, the “father of Online Dispute Resolution,” noted: “I always check whether ODR platforms provide users with CEET (convenience, expertise, experience, and trust) and ODR.com scores highly on all of these criteria… as dispute volumes grow alongside the growth of the internet, ODR.com will lead in innovating solutions.”

Full information (and a video walkthrough of the ODR.com platform) is available on the newly launched ODR.com website, http://odr.com

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